WebQuest-Sea Turtles

This week in class we had a WebQuest to make, which was very interesting. My WebQuest is focusing on Sea Turtles. I chose to talk about this topic because sea turtles are very unique animals. During time the children are discovering and learning three processes of sea turtles, which are facts about sea turtles, hatching and nesting process and habitats of sea turtles. These processed are very important about sea turtles. Overall, this webquest was really interesting to do and teaches children how to navigate through each process and learn about different things.

Science Activity !

In class today, we had to do our science activity topics in class today. These activities were very interactive and intersting to learn about and to use in your future classroom. My topic for this science project was optical illusions. Optical illusions something you think you see, but you really don’t. Optical illusions is a very engaging and interactive topics to have students participate in and do activities. Students really get discovered with looking at different optical illusions and see the images in different views of the eye.  I really enjoyed doing this science project and learn ed more about optical illusions and museums to go to see very interesting optical illusions. Another topic from my classmates that caught my eye is potential energy. The activity they had was using diet Pepsi and mentos that causes a chemical reactions, which very interesting to learn and young children will love doing that. Overall, this science activity was very engaging and hands-on for these students.


Pictures of project:


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